“man repelling is an art form and Medine has given us the language to explore it”

“My parents always joke that I have an illness and that is shopping, so I thank god everyday that I was able to turn my disease into a career.” – Leandra Medine, The Man Repeller

Getting used to the big wide world of blogging is akin to travelling to some whimsically wonderful foreign land with a cultural change as forceful as a punch in the gut. Deciding where to draw the line between fearless honesty and frankly too much information is a tricky one! Deciding how much you want to say and how you want to say it, all with the ultimate goal of resonating and connecting with someone you’ll never see or meet…pressure! So I thought I’d take a moment to examine one of my absolute favourite blogs and unlock the secret behind its’ staggering success. The blog is called The Man Repeller-  www.manrepeller.com. It exudes confidence, writing in a hilariously poetic (well, my own personal version of poetry) with a voice and personality I immediately connected with. Endearingly honest, the blog is almost completely relatable, minus the killer designer wardrobe. Earnest, honest, witty, did I say ridiculously funny?!

Our expert of man-repelling is enigmatic, refreshingly truthful author Leandra Medine whose self devised term encapsulates so much of women’s true interaction and relationship with fashion. She has created not only an entertaining multi-media blog but also serious following and in and of itself, a brand. Just for the record, by definition Medine’s self devised term ‘man repeller’ is the act of”outfitting oneself in a sartorially offensive mode that may result in repelling members of the opposite sex.” Below are some of Medine’s top rated-repellers!

What I find most entertaining about this blog is the innate understanding that for lots of us girls, we dress for other girls rather than guys. We dress for fashion, for the appreciation that our outfit is seriously on trend rather than a wolf whistle. Apparently, as far as the man repelling scale goes, many of us are constantly scoring off the chart! A friend of mine once told me that when us girls slick on the bright red lipstick we look like clowns and finds top knots repulsive…greaaaat! So, other than learning that apparently every ensemble I’ve ever worn has peaked at sky-high on the scale, it is a clear acknowledgement that man repelling is an art form and Medine has given us the language to explore it.

What am I wearing as I sit writing this.

RATING: ??!?!?!?!

The blog is extremely interactive encapsulating a retail aspect, abundance of photos and manstagram images paired with witty commentary. Would she want a few more catch phrases?! There are twitter, Facebook, pinterest and tumblr accounts all purporting the same aesthetic, the same viewpoint, the same wit. She is unashamedly herself and while some may not be too keen on her taste in fashion, one cannot help but admire her fearlessness in being herself. She has marketed herself so successfully that she has generated her own celebrity, selling advertising on her site to top fashion organizations like net-a-porter.

The woman in these videos was funny with an infectious personality that felt familiar straight away, like she was just talking to a girlfriend in the same way I would.

This is the vid that got me hooked!

She drew me in. Hopefully I can do the same!

And this one just made me smile.


2 thoughts on ““man repelling is an art form and Medine has given us the language to explore it”

  1. I LOVE HER. You have provided such a great insight into the way Leandra operates and her whole theory on fashion (that’s right she has discovered a theory just like Marx or Locke). The way you described her ‘man repelling’ as an art form and her giving us a langage to describe it is pure genius. Also the interweaving of the various social media forms into the blogging platform represents the process of man computer symbiosis which sees the person extending their ability through the use of technology. Leandra is able to express her love for fashion and quirky style through blogging and her videos which is a process once restricted to professional journalists. Great job on the post! keep them coming xx

  2. I read a similar post recently and now I’ve read this one its given a different point to spectate from – the idea of her as becoming a symbol or brand is happening so much these days!

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