“Gevinson writes encompassing the classic girlie mag motifs in an unconventionally fearless, legitimately opinionated way”

I am the queen of procrastination. So looking for some food for thought, I set out to explore the world-wide web, looking for like-minded souls with more experience, both in life and blogging, to see how they are able to translate what they’re feeling and thinking into a stream of beautifully expressed relatable language.

One famed blog world wunderkind is TAVI GEVINSON who many of us fashion-obsessed have probably seen grace the style pages of Vogue in past years as an eclectically clad 13-year-old front row at all the major shows dressed in granny chic stylings, as one might put it, complemented with dyed grey hair and thick framed glasses.


Circa age 13…Now blossoming into an effortlessly hip 16 year old

Stumbling upon her now, years later, I was surprised as ever to find not only is she taking the blog world by storm with a huge following for her self-published online magazine ROOKIE but also her matured looks, channelling a dishevelled blonde mop reminiscent of Tay Swift’s latest do, or as she would describe, ‘Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks’. To be honest, her style-spirations are far too retro and indie for me to even have heard of; however her unique taste encapsulates vintage, hippy trends with modern flare envied by thousands! Now 16, Gevinson writes encompassing the classic girlie mag motifs in an unconventionally fearless, legitimately opinionated, open and free way. It doesn’t feel like some naive little girl preaching PG ratings to tweens the world over; it’s mature, beautifully and eloquently written, real and relevant uncensored content. While I’m no wise cracking sweet 16 ingénue, the content remains empowering and it’s more than understandable why Rookie has such a wonderful and expansive following. I personally feel a little out of my league in terms of my lack of indie homemade fashion influences and extensive knowledge of quirky old-school music and movies; however I still remain extremely impressed as ever by the fearless individuality!

Check out the site: http://rookiemag.com/

Some fashion-spiration! Tavi takes all her own photos for the blog with vintage pieces sourced from markets and op-shops

On the other end of the spectrum, we have classic amateur bloggers steadily building followers under the radar. As a lover of YouTube and avid user of the heaven-sent related links column, I’m always stumbling upon new youtubers (new to me at least) whose videos I love to watch. Case and point, ESSIE BUTTON. A new NO LIABILITY, RESPONSIBILITY FREE girlfriend who wants nothing more from me than to listen! The isolated limitation of the internet in this case means there will be no emotional exhaustion on my part, no eyes drooping out of my head to the point of unconsciousness, no using and abusing from Miss Button, no fast friendship! This new friend of mine is one who’s entertaining and sweet and honest and who doesn’t want or expect or take anything from me. She’s reliable too! Moving from Canada to London and blogging about her makeup and fashion loves, Essie is endearing and open and fun to watch, although interestingly enough her subject matter and taste is completely contradictory to my own. So while we may have next to nothing in common, watching a YouTube clip feels like having a casual, while one-sided, conversation with a girlfriend on the other side of the world.


This is a random one of her videos that I watched that I found light-hearted, funny and endearing!

Basically what I’m trying to get at is that what I hope to bring to this blog and the blogosphere is a daring, free and relevant explorer of  interesting issues as well as simply, a friend…though I wouldn’t ever call friendship simple. I don’t expect to make a global impact on the blog world but it would be nice to think that even for one person, I can be a RESPONSIBILITY FREE FRIEND! X


One thought on ““Gevinson writes encompassing the classic girlie mag motifs in an unconventionally fearless, legitimately opinionated way”

  1. THIS IS SUCH A GREAT POST! You have really opened me up to the other blogging identities throughout the online social sphere and how you fit in with this persona. I am intrigued by work of Tavi and how she has produced a blogging empire at such a young age. I think it is her appeal to such a niche market that makes her such a success! I can see your blog rising in the ranks everyday! Love It xxxxx

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